Terms and Conditions for Venue Use

Northern District Hockey Venue Terms and Conditions of Use:

1.All individuals using the fields need to comply with the code of conduct as set out by Hockey NSW.

2.No alcohol is to be brought onto the premises.

3.Appropriate turf footwear should be worn. No studs.

4.Mouth guards and shin pads are to be used by all players at all times.

5.All vehicles are parked at the owners' risk.

6.No fences should be climbed on or over.

7.All goals that are not being used need to be stowed safely in the designated area:

             Field 1 in the designated goal post storage areas

             Field 2 the spare goal posts need to be placed behind the goal posts that are being used.

8.All side boards, blocks or any other objects need to be removed from the playing surface after use.

9.No responsibility will be taken for injuries or damage to property incurred due to negligence or disregard of the above. 


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