Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started

Welcome to 2024

A note for Juniors players. The playing age brackets have been changed, from U7, 9, 11, 13 , 15, 17 to U6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. This has led to changes in the capitation fees passed on by HA, HNSW and NWSHA. Some of these fees have been increased which we have no control over.

Regarding the Club Fees, we have allowed for the changed age brackets, with no increase in club fees from 2023. 

For Seniors players, Club Fees for 2024 are unchanged from 2023. Once again senior capitation fees have been increased which is out of our control.

Please read through the following in its entirety for the 2024 registration process:

  1. On your initial registration page you need to select either Returning Member or New Member
    • Returning Member
      • Fill in your required details and an email will be sent to you. You will need to click on this email to complete the remainder of the registration process - refer to the detailed steps below
    • New Member
      • Fill in the details required and click next - refer to the detailed steps below
  2. Membership Type Page - select ONE membership type and click on Next Step.
    • These are the classifications for the Association Fees (Hockey Australia, Hockey New South Wales and North West Sydney Hockey Association) as determined by Hockey Australia and are based on your date of birth not what competition you are playing in. Should you have already registered and paid your Association fees for 2024, still select the correct classification and you will not be billed for it since the system will recognise your earlier payment.
  3. Optional Add-Ons page - select ONLY ONE optional add on and click on Next Step.
    • These addons are your Club Membership fees for 2024 and relate to the competitions that you wish to play in e.g. Juniors and Seniors or just Juniors. Please select carefully.
  4. Purchase Summary page - this will provide a detailed breakdown of costs and on this page you will be able input: 
    • your NSW Active Kids Voucher code - please remember to input with NO spaces
    • Click on Next Step.
  5. Basic Details information page - please input your details as required or update as necessary if you are renewing your membership and click on Next Step
  6. Terms of Registration page  - confirm you are in agreement with the terms of registration as set out by the various Associations and click on Next Step
  7. Enter your Billing information and confirm your registration.
    • Please note that there will be a slight discrepancy between your purchase summary and your final billing, that is due to finance charges.

Members requiring payment plan options:

Should you require a payment plan could you please get in contact with Kath our registrar at prior to registering.

Please note the following re. Payment plans

  • Association fees will be required to be paid in full upfront - Active Kids Vouchers can be utilised to offset the Association Fees
  • All fees will need to be paid in full by June 30th 2024

Any queries regarding registrations can be emailed to our registrar Kath at


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